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About the artist

Ernie Butler is an artist and art tutor who works in oils, charcoal, pencil and ink. 

He exhibits internationally and his artwork is in international collections. 

He also teaches, demonstrates and has been funded by the Arts Council England, as well as others. 

Ernie is honoured to be a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts.

He trained under William Calladine who was apprenticed to the last living Dutch old master (Jan Hendrik Eversen) on courses specifically designed to teach the techniques used by the old masters, using the Flemish technique.  

He has also extensively studied these techniques as well as others including specific artists such as Turner, Constable etc.

Having studied the techniques of the old masters he has incorporated these methods into his own art. 

His work displays a feeling of emotion, atmosphere and light.

As Constable once said;

"Painting is about feeling"

"I want the viewer to feel the wind and the rain on his face".

Some of the reviews of his work;


"Outstanding colours and bright crispness"

“Gives the viewer hope in life’s storms”

“Even in your storms there seems to be a peace”

"Like stepping from darkness into the light"

"Wonderfully atmospheric”